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Communication Superpower Coaching

Aaron Young Doesn't Wear a Cape -- That We Know of, at Least -- but he's a Communications Superhero

August 20, 2020

Career coach Aaron Young uses his superpower to help clients achieve their dreams

As a child, Aaron Young ’12 BS, ’14 MBA loved reading superhero comic books — a passion he later shared with his kids, eliciting the question, “If you had a superpower, what would it be?”

But it wasn’t until Young took an undergraduate communications class at the Mount that he was able to answer that question definitively. “Communication has the power to change people’s emotions and make them take action, so I started to think of it as a superpower,” he says.

Young has honed his communication skills while working in the banking industry, currently managing the branch network and deposit growth strategy for Credit Union of Southern California. In his spare time, he runs a professional coaching firm. “In the course of my career I’ve spent a lot of time coaching and developing individuals,” he says. “As I got into management, one of the things I enjoyed the most was helping people grow and realize their career goals.”

Young first considered pursuing a bachelor’s degree when he was laid off from Bank of America during The Great Recession. One day while working at a credit union he heard a television ad for Mount Saint Mary’s University. Thinking it was just another ad for an online school that touted working from home in pajamas, he essentially tuned it out ­-- until he heard mention of the Mount’s weekend program.

“I love engaging with people and building relationships, so I wanted the experience of being on a college campus,” he says. “At the same time, I needed something that fit in with my work schedule.”

After graduating with two degrees from MSMU, Young founded Communication Superpower Coaching — the idea for the business took root during one of his graduate classes. Young’s vision is to help clients develop leadership and communication skills that advance their professional goals.

He is also partnering with a nonprofit organization to provide financial education services to disadvantaged youth, and he dreams of teaching a financial management course at MSMU. “Mount Saint Mary’s taught me the importance of relationships and how to leverage them effectively,” says Young. “I learned how to be a better visionary and a better communicator.”