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The Honors Program

at Mount Saint Mary's University

The Honors Program

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About the Honors Program

The Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary’s University recognizes academic excellence and provides high-achieving students with opportunities for increased academic rigor to be intellectually challenged in an engaging and nurturing environment. We enable our students to explore their intellectual curiosities and enhance their leadership abilities through numerous offerings.

Honors Scholars participate in a robust honors curriculum and have opportunities for leadership development, service-learning, and co-curricular engagements in the community and around the globe.

Mission Statement

Honors Program Banner and LogoThe Honors Program is dedicated in encouraging and empowering its students to strive for educational, professional, and personal growth and to realize their full potentials as they prepare to live in a global community in the service of the common good. The Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary’s University:

  • Fosters a love and appreciation of learning that encourages our students to be active participants and collaborators in their education and leadership opportunities both in and out of the classroom.
  • Encourages our students to be engaged in their academic interests and enthusiastically apply the knowledge and experiences they acquire as contributors and change agents in their communities and around the world.
  • Promotes a close-knit community among students who share similar aptitudes and drive, who then build relationships and participate in mentoring opportunities with faculty committed towards their overall success.

News Spotlight on the Honors Program

Advancing Research

Honors scholars are doing work that’s making an impact well beyond the Mount’s campuses

End-of-Year Traditions

MSMU honors the students, staff and faculty who made 2017-2018 another year to remember

Academic showcase

University-wide symposium highlights student and faculty research

A Profile in Student Research

The Impact of Mentoring Relationships for Advancement of Latina Graduate Students, by Marianna Porras ’18 and Michelle Melendres, EdD


The Honors Program at the Mount was an exceptional experience that not only prepared me for graduate school, but helped build the foundation for what my professional work is today. My mentors really encouraged and motivated me to challenge myself to think deeper and be comfortable with discomfort. The Honors Thesis was a long process, but one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I saw the success of months of hard work and my academic, personal, and professional goals actualize.

- Nadia G., ‘11

The Honors Program taught me that if you work and try your hardest and trust yourself in the process, you will see the potential in yourself.

- Meghan C., ‘15

When beginning the Honors Program and realizing how much work was needed of me, I sat myself down and said ‘You can do this”…The Honors Program helped me as an individual and empowered me to be that strong female in a room, wherever it may be. I’m thankful for the long nights, stressful days of homework, but most importantly, the women and Dr. Melendres. Without their support and open arms I wouldn’t have had the fire to continue. It all starts with a vision, if it weren’t possible then why would God gift you with the thought? Thank you Honors Program.

- Cindy C., ‘16

The Honors Program at the Mount was without exception, challenging but also very rewarding because it propelled me to expand my skill set while giving me a solid undergraduate education. The added challenge of writing and presenting a senior Honors Thesis and participating in the Honors Capstone project deepened my research experience and adequately prepared me for graduate school. Through her mentorship, Dr. Melendres ensured that we maintained the freedom and responsibility of our very own independent research through constant support, positive feedback and guidance!

- Andrea C., ‘16

The Honors Program gave me the drive to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of. All the girls in my year were motivated and helped me understand the importance of my thesis. Our time together working on the Honors Capstone project was priceless, we all learned a lot about homelessness in Los Angeles.

- Kimberly Q., ‘16

Being a part of the Honors Program and being an Honors Scholar allowed me to challenge myself both academically and personally. The Honors Program gave me permission to explore subject topics that I am passionate about beyond the traditional coursework of my major. The Honors Program taught me to have confidence in my own knowledge and academic potential.

- Mariana P., ‘18

I will never forget all the work that went into my Honors Thesis. I have learned to look back and see a difference in myself as a person and a student. Through the Honors Program I learned that I can handle a lot more than I give myself credit for and I am really proud of myself for that. If it weren't for the Honors Program I may have never realized that.